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Open Call / 2023

We are now open to receiving work from college students exploring texts from the Spanish Golden Age period towards digital storytelling pieces, such as Video Art, Short Films, or Podcasts, in English or with subtitles in English. The length of the pieces should be 5 minutes max.

OUR NEW GOLD is an international festival for college students. With this call out to participate in Our New Gold Festival we wish to promote artistic work inspired by the Spanish Golden Age Theatre internationally. We encourage students to delve into different tasks such as translating, rewriting, filming, acting, and producing their creations. We hope to open new ways of understanding and portraying the Spanish Golden Age legacy in the contemporary educational and professional creative world; embracing classical works in our digital times form a more social, inclusive and vibrant approach.

Selected entries will be showcased by several international universities and on the OUR NEW GOLD festival’s Website.

Our international jury of practitioners and academics will choose participants to receive a workshop with an established theatre creator.

Length: pieces should be 5 minutes max.

Language: English or include English subtitles.

The recommended formats are:

  • Video Art Movie
  • Short Film
  • Podcast Episode
  • Music Song or Music Video

All images referenced below


This Call Out is directed to Universities and Institutions supporting the participation of undergraduate students, recently graduated students (5 years since graduation), MA and PhD students.

We also accept applications from individuals who are undergraduate students, recently graduated students (5 years since graduation) MA and PhD students.

Registration closes at 10 pm on May 31, 2023.

Suggested donations:

Institution (up to 5 students) $150 (10 students) $250

Patron $500

Associate $1000

Individual $30

Our New Gold is a new initiative, we need your support to keep growing. With these donations, you support the team of creators that makes this festival possible.

All participants submitting creations, and their mentors will have complete free access to the festival activities as audience members.

Registration will open on January 15, 2023. For information, contact:

Images from Our New Gold YouTube Channel Main: Image from the piece Puppet Master inspired by the character Aldora from “El conde Partinuplés” by Ana Caro de Mallén. Created by Jasmine Lew and featuring Samantha Merino. Gallery: 1 From the piece Free Thought inspired by Teodoro from “El Perro de Hortelano” by Lope de Vega. created by Jasmine Lew and featuring Elizabeth Van Deusen. 2 From the piece A Fable inspired by the character of Belisa from “La Traición de Amistad” by Maria de Zayas y Sotomayor. Created by Fiona Hansen and featuring Camy Dodd. 3 From the piece The Transformation of Lisarda inspired by Lisarda from “El Muerto Disimulado” by Ángela de Azevedo. Created by and featuring Fiona Hansen. 4 From the piece A Story in the Voice of Others inspired by Mencía from “El médico de su honra” by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. Created by and featuring Fiona Hansen.

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