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Paula Rodríguez

Artistic Director

Paula is an award-winning actor and theatre-maker working internationally. Her creative mission focuses on adapting and staging classical texts to the present time in collaboration with artists from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

Paula trained at RESAD (Madrid) and RCSSD (London). She has worked internationally including Bridge Theatre, Young Vic, Orange Tree Theatre, Cervantes Theatre, Chichester Festival (UK) Corral de Comedias Alcalá de Henares, Almagro Int. Classical Theatre Festival, Teatro de la Abadía, Ilure Teatre (Spain) Golden Age Fest. of Ciudad Juárez (México) Nuevo Siglo Drama Fest. Chamizal and Heart of America Fest. (USA) Neuss Int. Shakespeare Fest. (Germany) and Craiova Int Shakespeare Fest (Romania).

Paula is also a writer, translator, artistic director and producer. Her most recent projects include The Other Solos Shakespeare, a series of YouTube monologues celebrating migrants and AURIC, a gig theatre show fusing classical poetry and contemporary music. In 2015 Paula co-founded Teatro Inverso, a company specializing in reinventing the plays from the Spanish Golden Age for modern audiences, touring in the USA, Latin America, and Europe. She is the creator and artistic director of OUR NEW GOLD.


Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas

Executive Co-Director

Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas is an associate professor of Spanish in the World Languages and Cultures Department at Ohio Wesleyan University. Her upper level courses, publications, and research focus on studying Early Modern Spanish Literature, especially 17th-century theatre and its contemporary productions.

Nieto-Cuebas is co-editor of the volume Social Justice in Spanish Golden Age Theatre (2021, University of Toronto Press) and has published book chapters and peer reviewed articles in prestigious academic venues.

Most recently she is co-authoring (with Erin Cowling) a monograph that focuses on how Latinx theatre practitioners are adapting and producing 17th-century Hispanic texts for modern audiences by highlighting and creating awareness of their own reality, lived experiences, and socio-cultural background as BIPOC artists.


Erin Cowling

Executive Co-Director

Erin Alice Cowling is an Associate Professor of Spanish at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada. Her current research interests lie in how marginalized characters are portrayed, as well as how modern performances can inform and expand our understanding of early modern plays.

She is the author of Chocolate: How a New World Commodity Conquered Spanish Literature and co-editor of Social Justice in Spanish Golden Age Theatre, both from University of Toronto Press. She has previously published in eHumanista/CervantesBulletin of the ComediantesHispania, among others.


Lorenzo Pappagallo


Lorenzow Pappagallo is a French-Italian freelance performing arts curator & producer based in Madrid and collaborating since 2014 with different international art institutions to foster the interchange of Spanish and European artists and to draft the programming of festivals and multidisciplinary artistic seasons.

Recent collaborations were the curation of Paris-Madrid Tandem with both City Councils and the programming and coordination of the Spanish Focus in Tbilisi (Georgia) in the framework of the 22ndedition of the GIFT FESTIVAL apart from organizing touring and partnerships with Festivals and Universities in Europe, United States and several Latin American countries like Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

Among the most ambitious projects he has been developing in the last few years, is the commission by the Spanish UNESCO World Heritage Sites Group of curating and coordinating the performing arts Festival ESCENA PATRIMONIO for the period 2018-2022.


Artistic Collaborators and Creative Team (2021 Our New Gold Festival)


Jasmine Lew

Jasmine Lew is a Theatre major with minors in Education and Spanish at Ohio Wesleyan University. She is currently pursuing her teaching licensure in theatre. Favorite recent credits include: Eurydice (Stage Manager), “One Acts 2019” (Director), “Orchesis19/20” (Dancer/Lighting Designer), “Scenes! 2019” (Director), Home Free! (Joanna), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Puck), and Cloud 9 (Edward/Betty).

Fiona Hansen

Fiona Hansen is a Theatre/English double major at Ohio Wesleyan University. She has previously directed a Zoom production of Fourteen by Alice Gerstenberg and an on-stage production of Medusa’s Tale by Carol S. Lashof. She has acted onstage in “Twelfth Night: 2020” by Bradford Sadler in April and has had her writing work featured in “Inter/Sect” in fall of 2020.

Marcos Crespo

Marcos Crespo is double majoring in Theatre and Communications with a minor in French at Ohio Wesleyan. His previous OWU credits include Scenes! 2019 (Crockstead: “A Marriage Has Been Arranged”) and One Acts 2019 (Lee: “The Dream Wizard”).

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